Battle Health Pathway is a community-led project, enabling all-weather use of the North Trade Road recreation ground, for walkers, runners, cyclists, those with buggies, skateboards, wheelchairs and more. There are several components to the project; the pathway and cycle-skills area were completed in 2020, and the soft landscaping, planting and sensory garden were completed in 2021. We had a virtual opening ceremony in 2021!

The Health Pathway

There are two ‘loops’; the top loop is 500m long, with markers every 100m. If you’re on this, please do us a favour and make a note of other users you see there

The lower loop is also 500m. Note that not all of the lower loop is hard surfaced

The Cycle Skills area

A purpose-built area where cyclists, rollerbladers and children’s scooter users can develop balance and technical skills away from traffic and pedestrians.
There will be a configuration of simple loops with bumps, and a more advanced section with more challenges for intermediate riders. It will provide a meeting place for young people, open at all times and an opportunity to exercise in the fresh air. Hugely popular!