The project so far

Jan 2014
Battle Health Pathway project group was established as a sub-group of Battle Local Action Planning Group.

Mar – Dec 2014
Work on concept design

Jan 2015
Battle Town Council approved the concept design drawings

Jun 2015
Publicity project launched

Jun – Dec 2015
Fundraising and donations received to fund community consultation process

Jan 2016
Community consultation undertaken

Apr 2016
Community Consultation Report demonstrated strong support for Battle Health Pathway

Jan 2017
The information from a topographical survey was passed to our landscape architect to enable her to draw up the concept design – DesignApproach

Started to develop design and fundraising for cycle skills area within the design

Mar 2017
The Plan is available for review and comments are welcome – email:

Apr 2017
The plan was discussed with Battle Town Council. Their recommendations are being incorporated into a plan that will then be ‘frozen’, ready for funding applications to be made.

Aug 2017
The “Frozen” agreed design includes: a picnic area within a nature garden; a ‘top loop’ with easy gradients; a cycle skills area; a space for exercise equipment; and links to Asten Fields and Mansers Shaw.

Technical details and draft costings were included in the work undertaken by the landscape architect. This has already proved to be extremely useful in working out what it could actually cost to build….  in the region of £220,000.

2018 Onwards
We are now at the fundraising stage. Fundraising events by many members of the community are helping the Project Group reach its target. Funding applications to local and national organisations and businesses have also been prepared. Some have been successful and others not. See our thank-you page.

March 2018
The Battle Health Pathway Project Group joined the Recreation Ground Working Group. This group has been set up by Battle Town Council and includes representatives from Battle Baptist Football Club, the Health Pathway and members of BTC’s Environment Committee. The group has the benefit of a professional fundraiser to guide and assist the Working Group on finding the funds for a bigger project of improving the pavilion and changing facilities, creating a community cafe and well as building the Pathway.. The common goal is to encourage more people to visit and enjoy the recreation Ground.

November 2018
The working group “Fit for Battle“ is making progress towards its goal of a new Pavilion, café, installing adult exercise equipment, a Pathway and a Cycle Skills Area. Planning permission has been obtained for a new Pavilion. Funding applications are being prepared by Battle Baptist
Football Club, Battle Town Council and Battle Health Pathway Project Group. A co ordinated approach is needed both for finding funds but also to ensure that the works are completed bearing in mind the project as a whole.

January 2019
Funding Applications.
Battle Health Pathway Project Group has already submitted an application to Rother Community Grants. The group is also progressing an application to Reaching Communities, part of the Big Lottery. There are a few more in the pipeline

April 2019
Battle Town Council in conjunction with the Battle Health Pathway project group have formally gone out to tender in order to get accurate costs for both the Pathway and Pump track. At the end of this process we will know the amounts we need to find to actually start building. 

December 2019
Community fundraising has reached it’s target of £22,000 after just over 3 years of donations and fundraising events, both big and small. This fantastic result has proved to be a clear demonstration of the Battle Community’s support of the project. Now Battle Health Pathway Project group needs to find some large amounts to reach the overall build cost of £310,000
£75,000 has been allocated from Rother District Council’s CIL money. The Lottery application to the Reaching Communities fund was unsuccessful. After over a year of waiting this was very disappointing. An application for “Places to Ride ” run by Sport England and British Cycling was submitted. The project passed stage 1 and Stage 2 has to be presented in February 2020

June 2020
Battle Health Pathway Project Group are hugely pleased to announce there have been 2 successful grant applications in the last few months. Firstly by Sussex Lund who has award to pay £4742  towards the features we want to add to give the recreation ground greater biodiversity. The plants and shrubs will create natural barriers around the pathway and the long awaited picnic area. The second grant (to Battle Town Council) of £167,221  is from Places to Ride, a fund set up to make new places for cycling and cycling activities. We now have all the funds in place to get building.The project group will start meeting with  Battle Town Council in earnest to plan with them the installation stage. A huge thank you to all who have contributed in any way, either with fundraising, giving of your time and ideas.

November 2020
Work has started on the pathway and should take about 13 weeks in all. Work on the Cycle Skills Area will follow on after that. Battle Town Council and Sue, our project manager will be meeting the construction teams weekly to monitor the work and work together on any issues. Two smart new notice boards are being prepared.

March 2021
Fantastic news! Our project is almost complete! The contractors of the Pathway and the Cycle Skills Area have done some amazing work and both facilities are now complete. Good news travels fast in this area! Immediately, they were and still are full of users and the numbers are growing too. Just the people we were hoping would come and enjoy these new amenities. Young, not so young, families, couples, friends and people of their own all being active in the fresh air. Walking, running, cycling, chatting, scooting and generally appreciating the varied facilities and beautiful green open space. The last task to complete is the planting and enhancing the biodiversity in various spots around Battle Rec. Do keep coming and watch these final additions