The end is in sight!

After 6 years of preparations we are finally at the building stage. So many of you have helped in many different ways so now it is all proving worthwhile.

Thornes, the contractor for the pathway have been on site for 3 months and should be finishing this Friday, 16th October. A couple of extra weeks were needed but the result seems excellent and already being used even though the grass is soaking wet! Carol Harris, BTC town clerk and I have met with them nearly every week since they started. We have fed back any decisions or concerns from the working group and others at these meetings.
Next Monday,19th October Clark and Kent should be starting construction of the cycle skills area. That should take about 5 weeks.
The soft planting  schemes are also moving forward, doing things at the right time of the year..Work has begun on the sensory garden which will define the picnic area. We have re visited where the planting should be, in relation to the pathway, as the curves and bends have  changed alittle the final location of the path. 

The next steps are to get together the Activation group to facilitate all activities on the pathway and SCA. This is for 3 years and is a requirement of the Places to Ride grant. We will need to record users over the 3 years. If anybody would like to help with counting users, please let Sue know (07952166819)

Lastly, we are starting to plan 2 small opening events. Due to Covid we are only allowed 6 people to attend but our main funders need to be there. As we can’t have a big event, press coverage will be very important. Hopefully we will be able to do another bigger and more exciting event in 2021